Last Heroes open 2021 release books with second-ever Gryffin remix — hear them respin ‘Safe With Me’

Last Heroes aren’t strangers to the Gryffin remix format—and it shows. After initially trying their hand at a take on Gravity‘s ZOHARA invitation, “Out of My Mind,” five months prior, the Colorado duo is answering calls for a re-imaginative encore with—you guessed it—another Gryffin spin.Though those with a Last Heroes sweet spot have lamented the fact that the production pair’s prior Gryffin remix is largely not available outside of YouTube and SoundCloud, their latest assuages this some by appearing on all major streaming platforms. The flip, of Gryffin’s November 2020 Audrey Mika team-up “Safe With Me,” adds an anthemic emphasis to the pop-centric original. Melodic accentuating allows Last Heroes to take “Safe With Me” by the hand and lead it closer into dance-influenced territory than it previously stood. It’s a promising start to a new year of Last Heroes that’ll keep us following along far beyond this January 29 drop.Featured image: VANWINKLE PHOTOTags: , , ,
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