Lady Gaga announces ‘Gaga Radio’ show coming to Apple Music

Lady Gaga‘s “little monsters” have something to look forward to: the launch of Gaga Radio on August 7.

Centered on dance music, but more specifically, the DJs, producers, and other creatives who have influenced Gaga and her recent LP, Chromatica, Gaga Radio will debut Apple Music and feature BloodPop as the show’s inaugural guest. The first installment of Gaga Radio will canvass the making of Chromatica, produced by BloodPop, whose name has been tied to countless other high-profile releases, such as Justin Bieber‘s August 2017 single, “Friends.”

In addition to Gaga Radio‘s interview component, listeners can also expect to hear an exclusive DJ mix crafted by one of Gaga’s guests each week. BloodPop will submit the first mix, with succeeding mixes to come from Tchami, BURNS, and more. Gaga Radio will air at 2 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. PST on Apple Music each Friday.

Featured image: Norbert Schoerner