Kyle Kinch, Tone Troy have a hit on their hands: ‘Pheromones’

“Pheromones” marks a homecoming of sorts for Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2022 Kyle Kinch, who, in November 2018, handed his Manchester EP to the Realm Records presses for dispersal as Realm’s first release from an artist other than label founders, Gorgon City. In short, some couplings in sonic spaces just make sense, and Kinch and Realm are one of them. The house authority has directed several records to Realm in the nearly four years that have followed, the most recent of which finds him in good company: Tone Troy. “Pheromones” dovetails with Kinch and Troy’s April 14 guest mix on Kiss FM UK, available to stream below. Arriving with more than a healthy dose of house horsepower, “Pheromones” brings a supercharge to streaming platforms and anticipates live deployment at Kinch’s Zoom Room set at Ubbi Dubbi 2022 on April 23. Featured image: , , ,
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