BROHUG hit a bullseye on ‘Bella Max’

From January 7’s “Scars” through March 25’s “Obsessed,” the six singles that BROHUG have positioned on streaming platforms since the calendar’s fateful turn from December 2021 to January 2022 have emerged as club weapons, some quite idiosyncratic, but all full-throttle. In Western culture, the number seven is considered to be one of the most desirable numbers for its superstitious, symbolic ties to luck; in the Bible, it is said to represent perfection or completeness. The latter two traits find figuration on “Bella Max,” BROHUG’s seventh release of the new year, one that on which Christopher Lunde and Niklas Lunde step away from their higher-octane bass-house technics to favor their fluid and refined brand of house (or should we say BROHOUSE?). BROHUG’s proficiency at producing polished vocal sample-centric, house-driven records has long reigned as one of their stylistic aces, and though they’ve not played this particular card since March 2021’s “Look at You,” giving preference to their heavier bass-house capacities in the time since, it’s refreshing to hear them return to this sexier aesthetic in their alluring answer to “Obsessed.” Stream the Swedes’ latest below.Featured image: BROHUG/InstagramTags: ,
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