KSHMR further shapes Dreamz side project with second single, ‘Anywhere You Wanna Go’

KSHMR‘s newly-minted sonic accessory Dreamz is shaping up to be a slow burn, with the second single from the producer’s fledgling alias arriving nearly two months after “Casual,” his introductory Dreamz bid. With the time in between the seminal production and its sequel serving as a palate cleanser, KSHMR continues to shape the sound that will define Dreamz via “Anywhere You Wanna Go.” Given that KSHMR conceived the side project with the intention of creating a musical outlet for sound experimentation and genre play, listeners shouldn’t expect KSHMR’s quotidian, but rather a different dimension of his electronic sensibilities. Indeed, that’s what they get on a new release with radio bones and vocals supplied by KARRA. A fluid departure from KSHMR’s fiery main stage technics, “Anywhere You Wanna Go” ushers KSHMR’s listeners into a new era of the producer’s sound, and Dancing Astronaut is more than happy to come along for the ride. Stream the second Dreamz single below.Featured image: RukesTags: , , , ,
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