Knock2 secures festival season’s next frontrunner, ‘speak UP!’

The Sable Valley boss knew exactly what he was doing when he granted Knock2 the ultimate stamp of approval this past summer, and it’s continued to pay off. After setting free one of his most-desired IDs in February— “dashstar*“—it was only fitting that the Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021 dipped back into his ID bag to deliver “speak UP!” as the worldwide festival circuit begins to peak.For those unaware, Knock2 and his San Diego counterpart Cheyenne Giles already held festival season during pre-pandemic times, and the SD Water Boys member is back to doing just that. Although self-released, “speak UP!” follows directly in line with his Nightmode predecessor, with Knock2 bringing out his exclusively gratifying and entertaining bass-house presence to painlessly rebroadcast his notorious “no limit” tagline.Featured image: Insomniac EventsTags:
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