Kasablanca share debut Anjunabeats project, melodic three-track ‘Immunity’ EP

Kasablanca exploded into the spotlight following their collaboration “Run” with Lane 8, which became an instant summer 2020 hit. With the help of this bonafide anthem, the duo released their debut album Human Learning, proceeding to tour the globe and debut their live performance at Red Rocks in September 2021 with REZZ. Above & Beyond took notice, and signed the producers to their famed Anjunabeats imprint, featuring Kasablanca’s “Black Room Boy” remix on the 10 Years of Group Therapy compilation to close out the year.Now in 2022, the duo has been in full EP mode as Kasablanca released “Immunity,” their debut original track on Anjunabeats in January and crowd favorite “Can You Hear Me Now?” in February. The two tracks clearly illustrate the duo’s talents as melodic techno purveyors, able to replicate those enigmatic sounds on their fully fleshed Immunity EP, now available in full. The EP includes a brand new track “Phoenix,” which features harmonizing leads and a brooding bass-line layered under catchy, echoing vocals. The soundscapes of the three-track project, which includes extended mixes, will instantly stimulate the senses, allowing listeners to visualize the live atmosphere comprised of modular synthesizers and encapsulating light shows. Featured image: Body Language FestivalTags: , , , ,
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