Journey through low frequencies with SUAHN’s new collection, ‘The Gift Of Light’

The world of bass music continues to evolve and spread into a myriad of unique and captivating sub-genres. Exploring the darker, more experimental side of things, rising producer and frequent Dubloadz collaborator SUAHN has released a massive eight-track EP stacked with four new originals and four accompanying remixes, each more devastating than the last. A follow up to his recent psychedelic take on TNGHT‘s “I’m In a Hole,” The Gift Of Light is a tantalizing journey from start to finish.

SUAHN’s mastery of low frequencies shines through in mind-blowing standout track “Respond.” The third single from the EP, “Amazing!,” is just that. Wildly innovative, “Amazing!” breathes new life into the trap genre with impeccable sound design and infectious fills. For fans of Wakaan-style bass music, this newest collection from SUAHN is one not to miss.