John Summit, Guz reunite to make summer anthem bid with ‘What A Life’

To no one’s surprise, the summer of John Summit has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. For the sophomore release from his newly minted Off The Grid label, Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 Breakout Artist of the Year is following up his label-opening release by reuniting with with Guz. After “Thin Line” earned an overwhelmingly positive reception, Summit and Guz knew they had to run it back and they reunited almost two years later for “What A Life” alongside Stevie Appleton.Debuted during one of his Miami Music Week sets and also featured in Ultra’s post-festival recap video, “What A Life” comes as Summit’s first original release since “In Chicago” back in May. And “What A Life” reconfirms the summer of Summit slogan, giving Off The Grid a groovy, warm weather energy that’s given a vocal lift from Appleton just as summer enters its late stages. Summit and Guz’s follow-up release has summer anthem written all over it and serves as the perfect contrast to the dark, booming sound of the former’s Off The Grid introduction.Featured image: Insomniac EventsTags: , ,
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