Jinell Feat. Miles – “What You Like”

With undulating vocals, wavy melodies, idyllic flows, and ethereal harmonies, Jinell Gasden, professionally known as Jinell, is ushering in Pop’s next wave. This Jersey City-born singer is revamping the East coast sound, replacing its gritty and grungy content with upbeat tempos and dreamy lyrics about love, exotic women, and heart-wrenching sadness.

Jinell launched his professional music career six years ago; however, his love for music began as a small child. Born into a family of gifted singers, musician was a no-brainer as far as career choices go. He was mostly influenced by Chris Brown; dreaming of mirroring his flow, swagger, and delivery. Usher, Trey Songz, and Omarion also were major musical influences for Jinell growing up. In school, Jinell was extremely talented, helping him nurture his passion for music. This spurred him to begin training his young mind to experiment, push the boundaries, and abhor normality. As he grew, Jinell developed an elegant, sophisticated, and flashy sense of style backed by a relentless determination for success, noticeable through the masterful ease in which he approached his craft. But, before he pursued music full time, Jinell worked in a warehouse. He was forced to do menial grunt work in order to provide for his partner and children. However, the rain can’t last forever and it didn’t. Jinell teamed up with Hood of Feed The Family Entertainment and is receiving immediate growth and support on his new music

Jinell is a breath of fresh air for the music industry; bringing back a sound once forgotten in this drug, crime, and profit-infused musical landscape. Most call him the dark skin version of Chris Brown, however, in time, Jinell intends to surpass even the great Chris Brown and push R&B back into the forefront of the musical world. This laidback, charming, and confident young star is poised to take over the R&B landscape with his two new singles: “What You Like” and “Title.” Be on the lookout for more from this young superstar, he’s someone you don’t want to miss.