J. Cole sits down with Bob Myers -Lead by Example


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“See it as high as you can see it – be delusional even.” J.Cole is one of the world’s most successful rappers and producers, but he tells Bob all if it wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t have a seed of irrationality as a kid. He sits down with the Warriors President and GM to discuss what his first love was: music or basketball, and if he truly believed he had a shot at the NBA. He explains why he didn’t need a Grammy for validation, why he lets very few people into his inner-circle and flashes back to when he used to smoke cigarettes as a six-year-old.

0:00 Bob Myers sits down with J. Cole
1:27 Childhood and learning consequences of actions
3:57 Smoking cigarettes as a 6-year-old
10:50 Deciding between Music or Basketball
23:40 Finding path and validation in rap career
32:20 What winning a Grammy meant
35:50 “I gotta spend a lot of time with myself in my thoughts”
41:05 A leader for aspiring rappers
42:12 J. Cole’s three pillars for success
50:09 The life he wishes for his kids