HI-LO, Reinier Zonneveld come together for first joint release, ‘Saw of Olympus’

Oliver Heldens and Reinier Zonneveld have frequented the studio together as of late, and the first output from their sessions is finally here. “Saw of Olympus” is a product of Helden’s underground alias HI-LO, which is fitting from the first note of the moody, dark setlist weapon. Many will recognize Zonneveld as the head of label Filth On Acid, and the two producers started working together after Heldens shared some of the HI-LO projects he was working on with Zonneveld. The pair eventually linked in the studio, and found themselves to be a complementary creative match. Multiple forthcoming releases are expected to come out of their studio sessions together with “Saw of Olympus” expected to be the tip of the iceberg. Heldens speaks about the inspiration for the track’s name, sharing, “We called it ‘Saw of Olympus’ because the track has a very distinctive saw synth, a real ‘Saw of the Gods’ continuing the Greek god theme of my latest HI-LO releases ‘Athena,’ ‘Kronos,’ ‘Zeus,’ and ‘Poseidon.’”“Saw of Olympus” is out now via Filth On Acid. Featured image: RukesTags: , , ,
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