Getter unleashes first single from forthcoming ‘Some Creature’ EP, hear ‘BLOOD HARVEST’

After cryptically teasing his upcoming EP using Morse code to spell out “GETTER/SOME/CREATURE/EP” and “SIX/ORIGINAL/SONGS” earlier this month, Getter has curbed fans’ appetites with the EP’s first single “BLOOD HARVEST.”With time spent away from touring, Getter has gotten back to form over the past year, releasing an EP under his rap alias Terror Reid as well as his migration back to dubstep on his NAPALM EP. Getter’s latest showcases the producer back in his element, feeling as creative and boundary-pushing as ever. “BLOOD HARVEST” combines various sides of the multifaceted artist, generating his characteristically grimy dubstep sound alongside pitched-down rap verses and Soulja Boy samples. “BLOOD HARVEST” also provides a stark reminder about Getter—he’s unapologetically going to purvey his art however he sees fit in the moment, drawing from influences spanning beyond the genre and allowing the work to speak for itself.While many fans are hopeful for Some Creature to lean towards a heavy metal persuasion, there’s no telling the overarching direction this EP will take, or when it will be released to the public. Stay tuned for more cryptic codes and listen to “BLOOD HARVEST” below.Featured image: Tags: , , , ,
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