Drove take another experientially driven trip through STMPD RCRDS with junior EP, ‘Drift Away’

Drove have ventured from sun up to sun down on Dusk to Dawn, and are now making their move to Drift Away. Less than a year and a half after stepping through the STMPD RCRDS doors with their freshman EP, the Dutch duo is now amongst a select few that proudly hold the accolade of a project trilogy on Martin Garrix‘s label. Preceded by a flurry of pre-Drift Away releases—”In The Dark,” “Some Kind Of Love,” and “Into the Light,” Drove have rounded out the EP’s five-part tracklist with its remaining pair of originals, “Better Days” and “Carry On.”Experientially rooted on the concept of “being hopeful in a time of uncertainty,” Drove’s junior EP further demonstrates the knack for sonic storytelling that they’d already begun to flesh out on Dusk and Dawn. And on Drift Away‘s terminal additions, Drove widen the melodically driven house sound that they’d hand-crafted dating back to January of 2021, delivering back-to-back inspiriting productions that epitomize the EP’s narrative surrounding the search for “mental escapes.” As Drove now ready themselves for supporting appearances for Garrix’s Ushuaïa residency as well as a slot within STMPD RCRDS’ Tomorrowland stage, stream their third label EP in its entirety below.Featured image: Drove/InstagramTags: ,
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