Alice The G00N Brings Back Her Original Rhythm & Dance Style In Another Single Titled “Lucky”

Amongst starting artists, Alice The G00N stands out for her well-developed musical skills, very unique style and powerful vocals that touch the hearts of her listeners. Her latest release comes with an impressive single called “Lucky,” a more upbeat version following her debut hit track “Who Do You Love?”.

Alice The G00N focuses on the small details in her compositions that make up for a bigger artistic picture with layers of meanings and messages. Musically, she spends countless hours deciding between a specific beat or sound that reflects a certain era or ideology. 

Lyrically, she masters the art of conveying a reality check to anyone listening, and she does so in her recent release “Lucky.” When asked about its inspiration, Alice The G00N said, “Lucky came from a place of understanding: yeah, life can be truly difficult, but ditching your values and losing yourself is ultimately never worth it. Seeing it first hand was heart wrenching.”

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