Chemikkal’s name-making campaign continues with debut EP release [Stream]

There are many ways to make an entrance in the electronic scene, and Chemikkal has elected to continue his name-making campaign with a genre-roving, self-titled EP. A four-track toy with progressive house and bigroom sound, Chemikkal shows promise for the Tampa-based producer, who leans without reservation into energetic sound constructs on the eponymous project. As a whole, Chemikkal channels the main stage-suited chord progressions and breaks characteristic of 2012 and 2013 EDM, and “Say My Name” especially orbits around this aesthetic. Stylistically unified yet distinct, Chemikkal‘s four constituents, “Animals,” “Never Let You Go,” “Say My Name,” and “I Do It Better” bring different bursts of sound to the introductory offering as Chemikkal asserts that he’s only getting started.Featured image: Chemikkal/FacebookTags: , ,
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