Charlotte de Witte remixes ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ two different ways

Charlotte de Witte isn’t giving streamers one example of her underground ingenuity—she’s giving them two. Whereas many artists channel their re-imaginative efforts into one singular remix of a fellow producer’s original, the ever inventive techno influence puts forth dual revamps of Jerome Isma-Ae‘s “Hold That Sucker Down.” Acutely aware of the power of inflection, de Witte seeks dynamism with the release of both a “Trance Remix” and a “Rave Remix.”

In carefully stylizing the respective revamps, one for an industrial crowd and one for a more commercially oriented group of listeners, de Witte’s revision does double duty, allowing her to appeal to two different audiences while indulging her own creative capacities across technical approaches.

De Witte’s “Trance Remix” and “Rave Remix” of Isma-Ae’s cut are out now Armada Music.

Featured image: Marie Wynant