Boris Brejcha turns back time with ‘Club Vibes Part 02’ release

Boris Brejcha wastes no time in lining up his new Club Vibes Part 02 EP, the second of six releases on the Sven Väth founded label, Harthouse.The new EP shows Brejcha in his production element, with its two tracks walking the line between steadfast DJ weapons and tour de force singles that are destined for playlist bliss. The A-side is the aptly titled “Bumblebee,” a buzzing techno-forward beat that finds its sweet spot with the use of Boris Brejcha’s signature lucid synthwork. With constant touches of filters and reverb, the “Bumblebee” manages to do a little with a lot, ideal for a dark dank club. The EP’s B-side, “Jawbreaker,” is more of a stomper, hitting hard from its first measures through its last. A throwback to the vivid, dark bouncing beats of releases like 22, “Jawbreaker” is as high-octane as it is nuanced, relishing in Brejcha’s ability to create with no limits. With the first two releases in the Club Vibes series coming in just as many months, fans are hoping to see all six parts by New Years. Until then, Part 2 can be streamed in full below, and Part 1 can be found here.Featured image: Felix HohagenTags: , , , , ,
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