Bleu Clair heads to the ‘Sand Dunes’ on fitting end-of-summer original

Before summer formally comes to a close, Bleu Clair is back to send the season off with a proper farewell present. After his last original outing— “Aura” with Jargen—was dispersed back in July, the former Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch is dipping into his ID bag once more for what’s debatably been the single most requested track from his sets, “Sand Dunes.”Included in the midst of his appearances at The Brooklyn Mirage, Daytrip, Audiotistic, and plenty more, “Sand Dunes” all began with a Middle Eastern-influenced vocal sample that he discovered while scrolling through Splice. And those chants are meshed together with both ethnic strings and Bleu Clair’s peerless tech-house approach, resulting in a sweltering, fittingly named summer cut.Featured image: Eric CunninghamTags:
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