Bleu Clair, Jargen cross collaborative trilogy line with ‘Aura’

It wouldn’t be summer without a white-hot seasonal delivery from Bleu Clair. Almost a year after the Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021 reconvened with fellow countryman Jargen, the two are back together to hand in their “Amani” successor. Arriving in the midst of Bleu Clair’s ongoing North American touring circuit, “Aura” comes as a self release just a handful of weeks before he opens for Zedd during back-to-back nights at Dancing Astronaut‘s favorite New York City venue, The Brooklyn Mirage.“From [his] bedroom in Jakarta to festivals around the world” is the condensed timeline of how “Aura” traveled halfway across the globe to its festival debut at Insomniac’s Audiotistic just outside San Francisco. “Aura” crosses the collaborative trilogy line for Bleu Clair and Jargen—following “Amani” and 2019’s “Laughing Matter“—with the two sliding a sultry topline that they knew would click instantly over the ideal tech-house package to send out for a mid-summer appearance.Featured image: Shutter KlickTags: ,
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