Biggie Babylon Goes All Out With New Track “All In”

Known for his nomination for Best Hip Hop Album at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards, Biggie Babylon is a rap magnate for all ages.

The rap artist has just released a new hit single titled “All In,” and frankly, we could not be any more excited. His song was also released alongside a compelling music video that flashes the artist’s creative mindset. Biggie is seen roaming around a private casino and gambling away through the night, the pure definition of going all in. Emitting just the right swag and gangster manta, Biggie is setting a new tone for rappers to follow.

The music video will have you excited for the summer and ready to take on any adventure that comes your way.

Babylon was never one to take music so seriously; he managed several artists and produced exclusive projects. Later on, the artist decided to take matters into his own hands and had some of the most striking songs. After his first single, “Home Run Hitta,” hit the scene, the rapper was set to take on any challenge.