ARTY’s sound evolves with new rock-infused single, ‘One Night Away’

ARTY goes in a new sonic direction with latest release, “One Night Away.” Exuberant guitar notes kickstart the new track, which takes on a harder edge than ARTY’s typical melodic releases. True to his form, ARTY still finds the way to captivate the listener with a catchy vocal hook and a euphoric drop, but the single demonstrates an evolving sound from the producer. “One Night Away” finds ARTY teamed up with Chloe Gaparini and Charlie Snyder to write the song, which is inspired by his personal life and falling in love. ARTY speaks about the single in an official release, sharing, “‘One Night Away’ is a track dedicated to a person that’s taking a very special place in my life.” ARTY adds, “One Night Away” is the producer’s second single of 2021, and it is out now on Armada Music. Featured image: RukesTags: , , ,
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