Bazzi’s ‘Infinite Dream’ isn’t an album to sleep on

Bazzi‘s third studio album is a lucid Infinite Dream. Amid the uncertain circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lebanese-American singer-songwriter put pen to paper from a hideaway in Topanga just north of Los Angeles to script the sentiments of his answer to 2019’s Soul Searching. On Infinite Dream, Bazzi, who initially earned name recognition from the viral success of “Mine” (2018), is at once familiar and noticeably matured. His paradoxical heart—that of a hopeless romantic and a realist who grapples with ups and downs related to love, letting go, and uncertainty—beats with fervor on the sometimes contemplative but always candid project. Sonically, Infinite Dream hears Bazzi meld pop and R&B sensibilities with confessional lyricism and slick hooks in his what-you-see-is-what-you-get custom. “Lost In The Simulation” and “Only Fan” diverge from his stylistic status quo, finding him in a fun, experimental space. As much as Infinite Dream aches (see “Will It Ever Feel The Same?”), it also celebrates and embraces the same motifs that it works through (love, letting go, and uncertainty).“I have been through so much over the last four years and making this album pulled my head above water so many times,” Bazzi said in an Instagram post that preceded the album. “I’ve poured every piece of who I am and who I’ve been into this album. My greatest joy of my life so far will be finally giving you this and letting you get to know me again through my best body of work to date. Welcome to the dream.”Balancing spunk with wistfulness in Bazzi’s idiosyncratic, immediately recognizable signature, Infinite Dream is an artistic awakening made in dreamland. Infinite Dream will hit the event circuit in October through a supporting tour that marks Bazzi’s largest live initiative yet. View a complete list of Infinite Dream tour dates here. Tags: ,
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