ATTLAS reworks ‘Out Here With You’ into continuous mix [Q&A]

In early November, ATTLAS surprised fans with his second album of the year, his calming and uplifting Out Here With You. Now, the mau5trap producer has given the LP a complete overhaul, transforming the original material into a continuous mix. Titled Out Here Together, the new mix is rearranged in a way that better reflects a cohesive storyline, loaded up with samples to assist the narrative. To accompany the mix, serial-collaborator Cyclo also crafted a continuous edit of his visuals, including ideas meant for eventual live-shows. Cyclo explained, Dancing Astronaut also caught up with ATTLAS to ask about what inspired the new mix, where the samples were pulled from, and what he hopes people take away from the mix. Find both the mix and the interview below.What inspired you to rework Out Here With You into this new format? You’ve also put several new samples into Out Here Together. How do the additional samples help convey the story line you’ve structured here?Tags: , , , ,
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