Zeds Dead and Funkin Matt transform Biicla’s ‘Deeper’

Biicla‘s No Place inclusion, “Deeper,” has gotten a reboot courtesy of Zeds Dead and Funkin Matt. The revisionists collaboratively eschew the mid-tempo technics of Biicla’s original to afford “Deeper” a newfound nature: live set suitability.

In its untouched form, “Deeper” is antithetical to the dancefloor and suited instead to the after hours. Zeds Dead and Funkin Matt flip this sonic script to put forth a take that, with the metallic kick of its breakdowns and quicker BPM, is a clear candidate for live inclusion. The producers retool the piano chords present on Biicla’s initial outing, deting from the more muted stylization on the original to instead adopt a more upbeat collection, which further animates the spin that Zeds Dead and Funkin Matt apply to “Deeper.” In submitting an alternative, electronic-centric version of Biicla’s work, Zeds Dead and Funkin Matt dynamize “Deeper’s” listening experience.

Featured image: Scott Legato/Getty Images