Zedd’s dance-pop crown proves immovable on ‘Inside Out’

It’s a good day to be a Zedd fan. In 2020, new Zedd releases have been few and far in between, as a running theme of his work—quality over quantity—carries forth into a new decade of dance-pop dominancy. With just “Funny” and its acoustic alter ego, “Funny – Stripped,” to his 2020 tally of originals, Zedd can now be found circling the release ring for the first time since the latter’s land date in August, courtesy of “Inside Out.”From its enticing, Griff-supplied topline to its power piano accents, “Inside Out” comes dressed in the sonic accessories custom to a Zedd production. Poised to occupy headspace in those who stream the new number, “Inside Out” possesses an undeniably catchy personality, extending Zedd’s tradition of releases with impact that won’t fade when the last second of runtime strikes.The dance-pop sweetheart said of the single,While “Inside Out” offers no clarity on when Zedd’s following can expect the fabled “Z3” to land, the single fills the space in between with verve as it joins a family of 2020 releases that, beyond “Funny” and its acoustic counterpart, includes respective remix packs for “Funny” and 2019’s “Good Thing.”Featured image: RukesTags: , ,
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