ZAXX’s bigroom reunion forges forward on electric Rave Culture debut, ‘Diddy Bop’

To anyone still sitting aboard the “bigroom is dead” train, ZAXX has a message for you: get off it. He’s held true to his word that he’d be reuniting with the sound that brought him into dance music more than a half-decade ago, and after getting the bigroom ball rolling with “CHAOS” at the top of March, the finish line for his genre comeback isn’t anywhere in sight.When we spoke about ZAXX’s desire to get back into the bigroom ring, we said that Rave Culture remains inside a small circle of imprints that are forging forward in its modern-day charge, so it felt only fitting that W&W brought a touch of New York back to the Dutch label after ZAXX appeared under its Mainstage Music name in 2015. Unlike most tracks at the moment, “Diddy Bop” actually had an early crowd-testing opportunity when ZAXX hit the Ubbi Dubbi stage in April, only reasserting that his efforts to help reanimate the genre he’d previously left behind wouldn’t be in vain. At this point, ZAXX knows exactly what makes up a grade-A bigroom original, with “Diddy Bop” drawing in a more in-your-face house touch that makes it feel like we’re all back in 2014 again.Featured image: RukesTags: ,
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