Wongo teamed up with Owie for a fresh dose of house music!

With the weight of the world’s lockdown starting to get lighter, the sun is about to shine brighter as our need for dance floor activity looks to be fulfilled.

As we prepare for the clubbing world to open its doors, one of Australia’s leading dance floor enthusiasts Wongo sends a subtle reminder in the shape of his newest track ‘GET UP FT OWIE’. Built on a plethora of energy, this sweaty ballad contains the perfect ingredients to kick start the re-engagement of hugs and hi-5’s.

As the record states, ‘Get Up & Dance’ – and thats what we will be doing all day and night until we physically can’t no more.

“It’s 2023, Covid has finally fucked off and clubs are opening up for the 10th time in 2 years. The air is smelling good and you whip out ya USB that you been saving records on. Your eyes glance across a plethora of songs. One sticks out to you though, it’s that bloody Wongo record with owie! In the true spirit of #LETUSDANCE, it is called GET UP!. Because right now we all gotta get up and dance like it means something!” – Wongo

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