Wolfgang Gartner and Kill The Noise man their ‘Battlestations’ for one of 2020’s hottest collaborations

Wolfgang Gartner and Kill The Noise have teamed up for the joint collaboration that nobody knew they needed. The new track, “Battlestations,” brings the best of both artists, making the magic happen with Gartner’s playful and cerebral melodies and Kill The Noise’s unrivaled, bass-driven finesse.Fans of Kill The Noise will likely recognize “Battlestations” from his October Twitch performance, where the veteran producer gushed over his admiration for Gartner. The single is everything that one would hope for in a project spearheaded by the creative reciprocals; it’s cinematic, intricate, clean, and above all else, an utter bomb. “Battlestations” is an ambitious release that covers a surprising amount of musical ground for a four-minute burner, and while this approach may feel arbitrary at the hands of lesser producers, “Battlestations” instead feels deliberate throughout. Gartner described his and Kill The Noise’s collaborative approach to the track, stating, “Battlestations” is out now via ALT:Vision Records. Purchase the track here and stream it in full below.Featured image: Wolfgang Gartner/InstagramTags: , , ,
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