Whethan pulls Oliver Tree back into the booth for concluding ‘FANTASY’ single, ‘Freefall’

Whethan placed Twitter into a mild panic at the end of August after casually tossing a tidbit of information that his next FANTASY single would be “pulling someone out of retirement.” After bottomless attempts to narrow down the list of current retirees that could fill the blank, the question has now been resolved as Whethan recruits none other than Oliver Tree for “Freefall,” the promised sixth and final single from his incoming freshman album. Hindsight is unfailingly 20/20, but Oliver Tree was surely on the short list of candidates for Whethan’s original teaser as the two annex “Freefall” to the their longstanding record of worthwhile partnerships in years past. Cited by Whethan as the undisputed “best” song from FANTASY, those lofty expectations are hit in stride as the bowl cut legend’s resounding vocals are pitted against Whethan’s electronic-alternative hybrid production. With a FANTASY due date in near shot for this fall, Whethan gave some context into his relationship with Oliver Tree, stating,Watch the “Freefall” video in full below.Featured image: Insomniac EventsTags: , ,
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