Weekend Rewind: Massive Attack’s iconic 1998 LP ‘Mezzanine’ turns 24

The widely recognized black beetle-clad 1998 LP Mezzanine, from English trip-hop luminaries Massive Attack, turned 24 earlier this month. Since it’s original unveiling more than two decades ago during an era of incredibly experimental and dynamic electronic dance music, the internationally revered album still remains as monumental of a work today as it was then. Though the record is considered as timeless of a project as ever, the band itself has evolved and transformed since its early heyday of the late 90s. Originally founded by singer-songwriter Robert Del Naja and Bristol-DJ Collective Wild Bunch members Andrew “Mushroom” Vowles and Grant “Daddy G” Marshall—and joined by many others including producer Tricky, on and off throughout the years—the band is most notably recognized for establishing the trip-hop sound.

The genre, characterized by soulful vocal samples, sensual melodies, oscillating dub grooves, and a hip-hop rhythm, was firmly established through Massive Attack’s 1994 album Protection and then permanently cemented on the 1998 follow-up. The record is a sultry, cinematic work that feels as intact as ever; a rarer quality to find in today’s electronic output. Mezzanine is a special album due to its nuances: with every listen, a new instrumental sample or hypnotic melody lulls you into a new plane of discovery down the wondrous rabbit hole of Massive Attack’s sonic signature.

Stream the groundbreaking album in its entirety below.
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