Volt Delivers Destructive Remix of "All For You" by BONNIE X CLYDE

BONNIE X CLYDE recently released their latest EP, While We're Young. The effort has seen so much success that remixes of the original tracks have started to surface online, and one in particular that has caught the eye of many is that of Volt. His reimagining of "All For You" came out today, Friday November 2nd – just in time for the weekend.

The soft-tempo source material gets a huge, heavy bass remix full of intensified drop after drop. These artists come together to create the perfect dubstep storm for the world to hear and experience. The build to the drop produces the ultimate anticipation that will have headbangers going nuts. Classic dubstep beats and rhythms blend well with the vocals from the original track. 

Stream or download Volt's remix of "All For You" by BONNIE X CLYDE across platforms here.



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