VARGAS takes his talent to a new level with his newest release “Legend”!

VARGAS is an aspiring music producer from New Mexico, USA who can sing, write, and ” learning how to play instruments on my spare time” as he describes himself. Well his newest release “Legend” comes as the ultimate proof of his talent.

Take an infused festival trap monster, play it with in your studio, by adding oriental and melodies and violins on the break, then slowing transform this beast into a big room monster and you’ve got a banger on your hands, which is exactly what Vargas did on his latest tune “Legend”. The track has a minimalist feeling and composition, focusing the most attention on the heavy drops and the superb break atmosphere. The mixdown is excellent and the transitions and build-ups feel natural and are really well executed, building tension and energy for the release of two different drops.

Check it out below and tell me i am wrong, i dare you ! Top tune, my friend, top tune !

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