Türküm delivers bass-driven new album "Heartbreak and Regrets" – Dancing Astronaut

After releasing his personal debut “Anti-Sober” album last year, Türküm has built a reputation on making music that is both sonically pleasing and personally poignant. Such is the case with his new “Heartbreak and Regrets” LP, an eight-track journey split between two of humanity’s most complex emotions. Divided into two parts, the LP tells a story through a melodic, bass-driven style that like Türküm himself, doesn’t fit into any pre-defined box.

The cinematic opening track “Maverick” kicks things off with dark bass elements that set the stage for the rest of the album. The same sonic signature permeates the vocal driven “Wait for Me,” with lyrics that speak to the album’s title. “Games” plods along in the same vein, a cacophony of reverberating basslines and distorted vocals that drift through a melancholic haze. “As Long As I Got” brings with it an urban, dancefloor-friendly vibe that adds a bit of buoyancy while the subdued and delicate melodies of “Prayers” serves as the interlude into the second half of the album. What follows are some of Türküm’s most melodic productions to date, “Killing My Dream” and “Running Through My Mind.” He ventures into new sound territory here with expert prowess, creating soundscapes that blur the line between the darkness and the light inside all of us. “Nightrider” concludes the album with a bit of techno influence, a driving bass line and swarming synths that close things out with a dance-ready edge.