Trst. calls his ‘Fidget Gang’ to action on body work-inducing EP

The opening number on Trst.’s tasty new twofer puts listeners on notice: the West Coast’s own is “BACK!” The sweltering doublet of cuts filed under the Fidget Gang header finds Trst. justifying his status as reigning “fidget house royalty” across the signal-sending opener, produced alongside Fox’d, as well as “ATP!” Driving beats dominate both tracklistings, with baselines supplying the ready vigor never devoid from a Trst. take. The melodic interludes and crisply sliced vocal chops that spice up “BACK!” bridge the heady opener with the texture audible on “ATP!,” a cleanly syncopated cacophony of beats and builds. Snares up the ante for a trippy finale that, suffice to say, would bring out the freak in just about anyone. The EP, arriving courtesy of Bite This!, is a call to action—fidget gang, get moving.Featured image: @slvcker/InstagramTags: , ,
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