Trinijty’s ‘Rebirth’ begins

Sometimes, a creative spark must stall so it can fly with renewed power. So goes the story behind “Rebirth,” Trinijty’s first release since 2020’s All About That House EP.2020-2021 brought with it a creative disconnect that temporarily sidelined Trinijty, but with “Rebirth,” the New York DJ/producer draws it and its sonic drought to a close. Aptly titled, Trinijty’s calendar-opening number embraces the motif of renewal in an inspiriting progressive house framework. And fittingly, “Rebirth”—which hits digital streaming platforms in both a standard and extended format—arrives during a period of modern resurgence for progressive house, adding a duality to the theme of his reinstating single. Trinijty has cultivated a reputation for his chord progressions since he established the artist project in 2017 and on “Rebirth,” this element steals the show. Chords remain centerstage throughout the cut, even as drums, claps, and cymbals play in its anthemic builds. An exemplar of the euphoria at the heart of a progressive house production, “Rebirth” scripts Trinijty’s compelling return to the dance space. Sonically, for both Trinijty and Everything That Moves (ETM) Records, “Rebirth” is a bit of an anomaly. Veteran Trinijty streamers will note that the track diverges from the sultry “sunken house” style that won him praise from the Groove Cartel as the “king of sunken house,” not to mention the club-centric aesthetic of some of his earlier efforts. Though Trinijty charts his comeback with a progressive house flourish, the immediate future will see him re-engage with his club-facing style, in which everything, from the kicks to the bass, is big. Tags: , , ,
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