Trance Wax collates all-time trance inspirations in celebration of debut album

What began as the original sprouts of a highly enigmatic, singular project has finally come to fruition. Trance Wax, the alias of Belfast export Garry McCartney, has ruminated in the whispers of coveted anonymity, commanding a stronghold on the modern day interpretation of the nostalgic trance scene with his rare vinyl-only bootlegs of classics from Moby, Mauro Picotto, and more. Celebrated under his primary domain as house and techno aficionado Ejeca, McCartney now gives way to the burgeoning era of Trance Wax as he reaps the milestone release of album debut, Trance Wax. Paying sincere homage to the golden age of trance, the 14-track record is a rejuvenation of sounds long lost to a contemporary wave of electronic cross-pollination. However, the self-titled LP still embraces hybrid territory in its framing of trance within multi-genre infusions, beckoning listeners to fall deep into the past inspirations of early 2000’s Eurotrance and Balaeric beat while remaining fresh. An album unlike any other and certainly not resembling those on the airwaves, Trance Wax has delighted in its special execution, supported by significant trance contributors like “Saltwater” vocalist Moya Brennan and Jan Johnston, as well as by McCartney’s own personal bonds to the long-lived genre—the work’s eventual liberation owing greatly to a sharpened collection of trance appreciation over the years.Join Dancing Astronaut in journeying through Trance Wax’s favorite classic trance tracks of all time as he celebrates the records that lighted the way for the arrival of his full-length delivery.Featured image: Harvey Williams FairleyTags: , , , , , ,
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