Tony Romera, Robbie Rivera, LA Riots, and more step up to the re-imaginative plate on DVRKO’s ‘Broken Famous’ remix pack

After closing out his 2020 release catalog with a posse cut—”Sushi“—that pitted him alongside BIJOU and Damon Sharpe, DVRKO is throwing open the doors on a brand new year of music with a six-pack of “Broken Famous” spins. The November 16, 2020 single gets a second wind courtesy of Tony Romera, Robbie Rivera, LA Riots, Tony Arzadon, SOREN, and ATLAST, who diversify the KillWill collaboration with their own respective takes.As to be expected, there’s not a dull moment on the assortment of remixes. In response to Romera’s ambient spin comes Rivera’s effervescent answer, followed by a shuffling rendition that cuts shapes straight out of the LA Riots camp. Perhaps the most anthemic take of them all arrives courtesy of Arzadon, whose upbeat technics bow to the more viscous orientation of SOREN’s edit, which introduces a psytrance-leaning plot twist near its own midway point. Entrusted with closing duties, ATLAST rises to the occasion with a revision that takes progressive cues, culminating in a formidable finale.Featured image: Kavan the KidTags: , , , , , , , ,
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