TLUXX and Brieanna Grace teamed up for a superb progressive house anthem !

When music’s your goal, it takes a strong will and determined mind to live it. Driven by the bass, lured by the limelight and steered by creativity, we find the up and coming DJ/producer Brian Johnson With relentless energy, his sounds have begun to roar from the underground, heading for mainstage domains. Packing five years of DJ experience, the New Mexico based talent has made waves under his TLUXX moniker, clocking up no less than 50 gigs a year. With big plans and an even bigger ambition, it’s only a matter of time until he meets the world.

His newest release comes in the shape of a sublime vocal progressive house tune called “Avalon”, with Brieanna Grace on the vocals created an uplifting atmosphere. The energy of the track is excellent thanks to the rhythmic percussion used and the powerful groovy basslines on the drops. The atmosphere is also very solid and the transitions between sections are smoothly executed, giving the track a good flow and cohesion, further reinforcing said atmosphere. The vocals are the cherry on the of the cake for this track, making it stand out and giving it additional uniqueness.

Great vocals, an uplifting and dreamy vocal break part followed by a drop that will make you dance in no time, seems to be the perfect solution for a good festival oriented track. Check it out below and don’t forget to add it to your personal Spotify playlist!

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