TikTok Music: What is it and when it will be available World Wide?

Previously known as Resso, TikTok Music is launching in a few countries to begin with. Music lovers in Indonesia and Brazil, are some of the first to get the new TikTok Music app following the rebrand. Additional territories will be added in coming month but current news indicates this will be a limited number. TikTok Music will not launch in India, where the existing app will remain as Resso.

The ad-supported tier shut down at the end of April 2023 in all countries leaving only the Premium Subscription tier available.

Now onto some cool new features:

  • A two-way integration with TikTok to switch between apps
  • Social features, users can comments on songs and albums
  • Full-length tracks in TikTok
  • Preview Clips in TikTok
  • Song recommendations and personalized curation
  • Discoverability feature lets users find song suggestions just by scrolling
  • Create collaborative playlists
  • Import music library from other platforms
  • Find a song by searching for lyrics
  • Song identification feature that works similarly to Shazam

TikTok Music shares much of the same functionality as the other big streamers such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify and Apple Music. It lets you stream albums and songs from artists represented by the likes of Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music. Users can make and share collaborative playlists and save songs for offline listening. But that wouldn’t be too groundbreaking on its own and TikTok Music has some features to appeal to the original app’s user base.

or starters, it will provide personalised music recommendations accessible by that familiar vertical scrolling interface. This may sound appealing given how good the TikTok algorithm is at surfacing videos to match a user’s interests.

Speaking of those videos, it will also let you play full versions of the songs that accompany TikTok’s most viral moments. It will also let you search by lyrics (which can appear alongside songs in real time.) It even has a Shazam-style feature for identifying tracks.

Perhaps aware of the challenge of attracting users of other services, TikTok Music lets you import your music library, too.