The ‘WET TENNIS’ rollout gets saucier—see Sofi Tukker’s ‘Kakee’ visual

A penchant for persimmons, Brazilian Portugese, and a revved-up beat. These are the trappings of Sofi Tukker‘s idiosyncratic latest, “Kakee.” Surfacing as the third WET TENNIS preview to arrive ahead of the sophomore LP’s April 29 deadline, the “Original Sin” and “Forgive Me” follow-up is an ode to the persimmon fruit, with roots in poetry. “[Sophie Hawley-Weld] had been talking about how obsessed she is with persimmons for a long time, and so she and Chacal (the Brazilian poet we have made a lot of songs with), wrote a poem about them,” SOFI TUKKER’s Tucker Halpern said. A change in art form (from poetry to music production) yields the quirky audiovisual experience that is “Kakee.” Filmed in Kualoa Park in Hawaii, the video taps into the conceptual wetness that Sofi Tukker detailed in their album-focused February interview with Dancing Astronaut. The accompaniment is saucy and suggestive, a delightfully over-the-top translation of a track that exists somewhere outside of genre classification. “We started it as a techno track and then with the guitar it really took a turn. No idea what genre this is. We just know that we love it,” Sofi Tukker mused. There’s always been something hard to pin down about Sofi Tukker’s sound, and this characteristic holds on “Kakee,” now streaming everywhere via Ultra Records.Featured image: Elizabeth MirandaTags: ,
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