The Two Fake Blondes release debut album ‘Out of the Darkness’

Husband and wife duo, Hannah and Petey Mac, aka The Two Fake Blondes, only have 2 years under their belts as a production partnership, but their debut album sounds like the pair have decades of collaboration under their belts. Written as a victory lap out of the chaos of 2020, Out of the Darkness is built on a foundation of inspiration and catharsis — from the bittersweet house of “Crash” to the kaleidoscopic “Song For When Ur Sadddd” and everything in between. They explore the wide range of emotions that make us human and find a deep sense of optimism in the process.The Two Fake Blondes explain, “We hope that when people hear this album it releases any fear that is holding them back and gives them the confidence to walk into their purpose and hold on to hope tight with both hands. That is what this album has been for us.”The 11-track album will appeal to fans of numerous genres, each output is gripping and engaging with Hannah’s powerful vocals stirring the emotions laying the groundwork for a bevy of entrancing progressive house builds and breaks. Even when the energy is subdued, the duo manage to keep their catchy hooks intact, delivering an album experience without a single skip. Tags:
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