The Glitch Mob consummate ‘Seven Nation Army’ remix with official release—nearly a decade later

In 2011, The Glitch Mob shared a thunderous remix of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” Now, nearly 10 years later, the remix has seen an official release. After pervading the festival circuit throughout the past decade, the Californian trio’s adrenaline-spiking take on The White Stripes original takes the form of a music video. Following a man who enters a portal, the visual encompasses all of the magic found in the fan-favorite remix. Running from a skeletal army, the lead character traverses a multi-verse of alternate dimensions, The Glitch Mob’s gritty remix acting as an ideal soundtrack for his heart-pumping turns.The full-fledged release of the seminal effort comes in the wake of The Glitch Mob’s recent celebration of the 10-year anniversary of their debut album, Drink The Sea, with a highly-anticipated reissue. Featured image: RukesTags: , , ,
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