The Drezo drought is over—stream Omens Records’ opening number, ‘Villain’ featuring Dread MC

Branding himself a “villain to the bass” as he breaks Omens Records ground, Drezo is back, returning in throttling fashion with “Villain.” After a period of quietude, the Drezo drought concludes with the Dread MC feature, with which he not only answers April 2020’s “Sinister,” but also consummates Omens, an action that’s been awaited since the label went live on Twitter in September of 2021. On December 29 of the same year, Drezo’s following got a fateful invite: subscribe to Omens’ website. With new music presumably locked, loaded, and pending release, the Omens echocardiogram was poised to pick up some new activity. Now, it’s doing just that.The dark, bass-ridden number is of an in-your-face character ideally suited for subwoofers (sorry, neighbors). Dread MC’s contributions are impactful, amplifying the cut’s forceful character while adding a touch of attitude. Buoyed by Drezo’s admission, “[I] haven’t put out much the last few years but I’m looking forward to making up for it,” “Villain” is assuredly a sign of what’s to come. Buckle up.Featured image: RukesTags: , ,
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