Taz Tikoon – “Airplane Mode”

2019 A3C Festival ‘This is My Year’ winner and LA transplant Taz Tikoon unloads her brand new Airplane Mode EP. Distributed by Steve Stoute’s United Masters, the 8-track body of work from the Virginia native includes features from Chanel Sosa and Corey Benjamins. The C.A.S. Agency founder’s latest drop follows 2021 previous releases, Prisontation: Life In A Sentence and By The Bar, Vol. 1; the latter which caught the attention of Maybach Music Group CEO on Instagram; prompting him to like a handful of posts on her profile.

“I created Airplane Mode to disconnect to reconnect to my higher self. Sometimes your elevation requires isolation. I wanted to get higher while still being grounded. I had to cut off a lot of people so that I could get closer to God. When a person puts their phone in airplane mode it’s either because they’re flying or they don’t want to be reached,” says the entrepreneurial focused rapstress about why the project was made.