Talib Kweli & Sam Jay On ‘Pause,’ ‘Donna’s Daughter,’ ‘You People,’ Trump | People’s Party Full


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In this episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli,” Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with stand-up comedian, actor, and writer:


Here’s what we got into:

• The legacy of her mother Donna and the valuable lessons learned from her.
• Her challenges her family faced following her brother’s incarceration.
• What got her dragged out of the church while attending Catholic school.
• What made Sam jump ship from her 9-5 to pursue a career in stand up.
• A unique hybrid of stand up and hip hop with her album, ‘Donna’s Daughter,’
• Minority groups mistakenly prioritizing conformity over equal rights.
• “It’s not Trump’s fault that Nazis exist, but its his fault they can come outside.”
• What she means when she talks about, “the audacity of white people.”
• Discussing notable bits from Sam’s Netflix special, ‘3 in the Morning’.
• Trump being the first n*gga president and if Jay really hates Greta Thunberg.
• Sam’s HBO series, ‘Pause’ and where the term might have originated.
• The hilariously awkward shoot of the ‘Eyes Wide Butt’ episode.
• “I don’t find a lot of my identity in gay sh*t. I was black before I was gay.”
• Being criticized by the gay community for being “straight-leaning.”
• The need for more black voices within the feminist movement.
• Her experience starring in the Netflix film, ‘You People’.
• Her take on if black people and white people can really be friends.
• What’s next for Sam?