Picture of Szarr "Reaching for the Sun"

Szarr’s Single “Reaching for the Sun” Delivers A Perfect Blend Of Freedom & Dreams

Talented musician and producer, Szarr has recently released his self-reflective single “Reaching for the Sun,” which embodies a powerful message of pursuing goals and dreams. In a recent interview, the artist shared his insights into how he translated these emotions into the song, resulting in a truly uplifting experience for listeners. 

The title of the track itself reflects the essence of reaching beyond the stars, emphasizing the importance of dedicating ourselves to our ultimate dreams. Szarr masterfully blends various sounds and wide synth melodies, creating a sense of lightness and freedom that resonates with the listeners. The lyrics, particularly the line “let’s reclaim our power cuz time is a treasure,” urge us to seize the present moment and take charge of our lives and aspirations. 

Incorporating Middle Eastern darbuka and a unique combination of drums and beats, Szarr infuses his music with a distinct flavor that holds great significance. Drawing inspiration from his travels through the Middle East, he wanted to evoke the feeling of freedom and movement. The playful interaction between the melodies adds richness and liveliness to the song, transporting the audience to a place where they can let loose and feel a sense of liberation. 

Szarr’s ability to mix music from various parts of the world is a testament to his appreciation for diversity. Growing up in different cultures himself, he has come to embrace and celebrate the beauty of different countries and their people. Through his songs, he finds self-value and a connection to the places that have influenced him. This personal bond is reflected in his desire to explore and integrate sounds from the Balkans, a region with a rich musical tradition, into his upcoming singles.

Check out the official music video below:

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