Super8 & Tab’s inaugural ‘Scorchin’ Sessions’ set the trance and progressive standard

Super8 & Tab have long reigned as powerhouses of the trance epoch, wielding synonymity with esteemed labels like Anjunabeats and Armada Music. Inevitably, the launch of their Black Hole Recordings-partnered imprint Scorchin’ Records and its subsequent offshoot Scorchin’ Progressive, have held up as a salient progression for the Finnish duo, already carving out a distinctive spot in the hybrid trance space despite its young existence. Like their peers, Super8 & Tab’s weapon of choice for highlighting both their label and its roster arrive in the easily consumable form of a compilation mix. Championing the spirit of emerging electronic talent through artists like Zack Evans, Emerge, HamzeH, and more, the “Helsinki Scorchin’” originators prelude the evolution of a long-beloved genre in their debut of Scorchin’ Sessions Vol. 1. The 17-track curation merges representation from both the main banner and its progressive counterpart into a voyage across euphoria. Spanning multidimensional interpretations of trance, the first-ever Scorchin’ Sessions offers up a rounded profile—from the uplifting, vocal-centric, and anthemic to the tech-laced, house-influenced, and other nuanced faces. More than ever, the old definitions dissipate to accommodate a boundless ideology untethered to bpm or structure, but fundamentally tied to feeling. Whether nostalgic or modern, the compilation exudes trance energy through and through, and even in all its variance, still resemble the same ethos as years past. The debut installment calls upon three standout tracks to make its case: Nick Haye’s “Signal,” Francesco Sambero and Katrine Stenekk’s “Someone Needs A Hero,” and Zack Evans’ “Skyborne.” Of the selection, Tab of Super8 & Tab states to Dancing Astronaut,Stream Scorchin’ Sessions Vol. 1 mixed by Super8 & Tab below. Featured image: Super8 & Tab/FacebookTags: , , , ,
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