Super Duper drops another upbeat twofer with ‘Do It For Myself / Be Right There’ [Stream]

Following the success of his previous double single, which received support from Spotify‘s official Indie Pop and Outliers playlists as well as Apple Music‘s Pure Workout, Super Duper is back with another twofer releasing “Do It For Myself / All On You” FADER Label. The first bundle marked a strong start to 2020 for the Nashville-based producer, featuring vocalist and former Jai Wolf-collaborator Mr. Gabriel, and he’s only just begun the journey into new soundscapes.

The new singles are unique from one another, lead by an upbeat and energetic melody in “Do It For Myself,” which features motivational vocals and feel-good piano riffs. Super added some remarks on the first single:

“I’ve had this track for a couple of years and never knew what to do with it. While writing I pulled inspiration from Ace of Base and 90’s hip-hop which was a fun era to play in. It’s probably one of the most upbeat and happy songs I’ve ever done,”

The second offering follows the optimistic theme of the first, as “Be Right There” puts his production prowess into the limelight, combining harmonizing leads, polyrhythm vocals, and organic percussion. The tracks are a welcomed dose of positivity, coming packaged with the announcement of his upcoming Prelude EP, which is set for a June 2020 release.