Super Duper discusses the making of debut LP ‘HALLELUJAH!’ [Q&A]

Those who have followed his rollout know that Super Duper has come through with two new tracks each month since March to brighten the gloomy days of lockdown. For those who haven’t, the Nashville-based producer’s debut album HALLELUJAH! will catch listeners up on what they’ve missed in recent months.Super Duper, real name Josh Hawkins, has built his following via originals and remixes alike, such as edits of Billie Eilish, Corona‘s classic “Rhythm of the Night,” and Kasbo‘s “Over You.” He’s not only toured with the latter, but has also provided direct support for The Chainsmokers, The Glitch Mob, Big Wild, and more. In 2020 alone, Super Duper has also had two of his original outputs, “Do It For Myself” and “Feel My Way,” nab features in A-list brand campaigns for Fruit of the Loom, Peloton, ESPN Monday Night Football, and Bose Headphones. Super Duper also provided a wavy remix of Bob Marley‘s “Sun Is Shining” for Netflix’s original film, Trial of the Chicago 7.HALLELUJAH! builds on Super Duper’s unceasing activity to date, materializing as a testament to his production prowess and innate ability to project pure joy and optimism with his music. The 20-track epic is a euphoric journey for indie and electronic lovers alike, with pop-leaning elements displaying the culmination of the years that Super Duper has spent crafting his unique sound. This is especially evident on songs like “Purple Roses,” which features vibrant leads and even brighter piano riffs under catchy lyrics from frequent collaborators Daniella Mason and Lonas, and “Imagine Us” with Island Police, a composition that’ll instantaneously catch ears with its ’90s era keys and melodically pitched vocals. HALLELUJAH! arrives in tandem with with an official video for one of its inclusions, “We Had Everything.” The visual follows Super Duper and his fellow collaborators as they run and dance through the streets of Nashville.In a recent interview with Dancing Astronaut, Super Duper discussed his early influences, navigating Nashville (the country music capital of the world) as an electronic producer, his skills as a sync wizard, and more. Stream HALLELUJAH! and read the full interview below.What were some of your earliest musical influences growing up and when did you decide to start making indie-electronic music?You’ve released two songs a month since March, a release schedule most fans only dream about from their favorite artists. Can you say a bit about your decision to follow this rollout plan?Can you tell us about some of the recurring collaborators on this album and how you all got connected?It’s no secret that Nashville is recognized as the country music capital of the world. Is there anything you can tell us about the music scene there that has influenced your sound and how you’ve been able to infiltrate it as an electronic artist?You’re clearly some kind of sync wizard, with your music being used by ESPN, Fruit of the Loom, Peloton, Bose, and more in 2020 alone. Is that something you think about in the early stages of making a song?Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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